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    Deer Tick "Beautiful Girl" — Sean Kingston Cover

    Well, Deer Tick did it again. This raucous band seems to win over fans of every genre despite their fairly clear-cut country roots. The Rhode Island group tackles the island rhythms of Sean Kingston's uptempo yet suicidal veneration of one very, very good-looking girl, adding their own harmonies, laments and lead singer John McCauley's signature growl.

    Instead of feeling like a swaying Jamaican jam, their version gives the song a '40s rock and roll vibe that feels right at home—almost channeling some Del Shannon "Little Town Flirt" vibes. Either way, the tongue-in-cheek fatalism in this song rolls just under the radar of its carefree beat. Both musicians perform this song with an air of resigned sadness though, hyperbolic suicide never sounded so romantic—and the snippet of "Stand By Me" that McCauley throws in at the end reveals the respect he has for this track.