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    jj "My Life" — The Game Cover

    jj are a Swedish pop duo that is well-known for their love of hip-hop and R&B covers. The group has done both Akon's "Troublemaker" as well as Jeremih's lascivious "Birthday Sex" and the first track on their most recent EP High Summer borrows whole lines from Lil Wayne and T.I. Clearly, Elin Kastlander and Joakim Benon aren't merely touring hip-hop for the catchy bar or the sick beat—hell they've even collaborated with Ne-Yo.

    Their best cover though, is a take on Game's Lil Wayne sampling "My Life." Like most good covers, jj's rendition remains true to the spirit of the original, but Elin totally changes the pronunciations and rhythms of the song. There's no beat here, just sparse piano. In this case, jj's artistic license pays off—the cover is a stunning homage to a soul-searching song.