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    Oberhofer "Runaway" — Kanye Cover

    Kanye West's fifth record My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was a very polarizing album, as most things related to Mr. West are. Yet, even Kanye's haters had to admit that the intensely personal emotion behind his confessional-styled track "Runaway"—specifically in the context of the short film he released to accompany the album—is a beautiful admission of failure, acceptance and humanity. When Brooklyn band Oberhofer decided to cover the monumental song, apprehension was heavy. Thankfully, the guys pulled off the song with the right amount of respect, feeling, and skill—it doesn't feel like a bunch of indie rockers appropriating a powerful hip-hop song as much as a group of musicians venerating the work of another. It must be noted as Stereogum pointed out back when it came out, that no one even tries to recreate Pusha T's verse. Thanks guys.