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    Ray LaMontagne "Crazy" — Gnarls Barkley Cover

    Ray LaMontagne's voice feels like a big, cozy hug every single time I hear it—there's something flawless about his warm, expansive vocals that hits all the right notes emotionally and sonically. So when the folk singer decided to cover Gnarls Barkley's slick runaway hit "Crazy" with his warbled, acoustic style, no one was mad. In the original, Cee Lo Green flows over a choppy beat bolstered by soul samples and production elements from Danger Mouse, but LaMontagne's stripped down version hits with the same desperation, even if he only has an acoustic guitar for support.

    This is a song that calls out those who try to control others, that celebrates the upheaval of larger societal pressures and encourages letting go, so it fits in with the aesthetic that Ray has cultivated from the beginning. His cover feels like a shared mournful sigh, like him and Cee Lo have more in common than we ever would've guessed.