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    The Klaxons "No Diggity" — Blackstreet Cover

    Blackstreet's 1996 hit "No Diggity" went all the way to Billboard's number one spot, won a Grammy, and even made it to number nine on the charts over in the UK—so it makes sense that even obscure London-based rock group The Klaxons are familiar with the cult classic. The British rockers covered Blackstreet's hit back in 1996 for a Radio 1 Compilation covers series. The group sticks to the original beat's head-bobbing insistence but shy away from attempting to copy Blackstreet's ad-libs. The Klaxons delivering the classic rhymes with all the swag they can muster and establish guitar much more prominently in the mix too. The cover is clean, catchy and well-done, they almost sound as good as Blackstreet—almost.