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    William Fitzsimmons "Heartless" — Kanye Cover

    If William Fitzsimmons is known for anything, it's for consistently delivering songs that are the aural equivalent of having your heart ripped out of your chest and thrown into the ocean off the precipice a towering cliff. The guy knows how to make sad music. So when he took it upon himself to deliver the stripped down, acoustic version of Kanye's existential break-up song "Heartless" the universe itself almost couldn't contain the sadness.

    'Ye is also infamous for taking pain and turning it into an emotion so real it seems to seep into the very nooks and crannies of your heart. As Fitzsimmons covers this track though, it's clear he feels the emotion behind it—there's no irony here. When the work of these two musicians was wrapped up into one song the results were terrifyingly sad, and above all, unmistakeably beautiful.