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    Alela Diane

    Hometown: Portland, Oregon Most Recent Release: Alela Diane & Wild Divine Sounds Like: A songbird that learned electric guitar.

    If the name Alela Diane & Wild Divine sounds like a hyperbolic name for a band, consider that the group is composed of Alela herself, her husband and her dad. What could be more perfect than touring the country, creating delicately robust folk songs with the two men you love the most literally supporting you? Just in case you had any qualms about her folksy chops, Alela has been around since 2003, quietly honing and focusing her sounds. She toured with Fleet Foxes in summer of 2011 to support her fifth studio album which she named Alela Diane & Wild Divine after her newly formed family-centric band. The singer is planning a release for 2013 called About Farewell and it looks like the record is a solo work—sans band. After a divorce, Alela is back on her own, and sounds more angelic than ever. Sometimes the crushed flower yields more than a blooming one ever could. She shared the first single from her forthcoming album this week, and if "The Way We Fall" is just the beginning, we'll all be head over heels by the time this record comes out.