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    Amelia Curran

    Hometown: Halifax, Nova Scotia Most Recent Release: Spectators Sounds Like: Lucinda Williams in a prom dress.

    This Canadian singer began to gain momentum in her musical career around 2006, with her release War Brides, which was picked up by the label Six Shooter Records, and Amelia Curran has continued to build her sound since. The subsequent release of Hunter Hunter and 2012's Spectators on the label have seen vast growth in her sound and songwriting—the latest record feels like a solidified combination of her early, honky-tonk phrasing style and a later slowed-down elocution. Her poetry is compelling, revealing and wistful, sometimes her voice trembles or stumbles over certain words, the intimacy of her writing strikes like a hot iron at times. But Curran isn't at all a bumbling songstress or weak creator, her strength comes through on tracks like "Strangers" or 2009's stand-out "All Hands on a Grain of Sand" which manages to encompass the tiniest and largest spectrums of life, and all that lies between. Look for big things from this entrancing songwriter in the next few months and years.