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    Cold Specks

    Hometown: Toronto, Ontario Most Recent Release: I Predict a Graceful Expulsion Sounds Like: A snowflake melting on your skin.

    Al Spx slid over the surface of 2012 like a hot coal along a snowdrift. Under the moniker Cold Specks, Spx has effectively created a category of sound that feels original, that I feel unable to identify—that is a victory. Part soul, part folk and part utter sadness, the music Spx makes never feels like a loss, even when it details heartbreak and suffering. Though she's only 23, the Canadian singer seems to prophecy in her music, relating wisdom and insight far beyond the scope of a girl in her twenties. She self-describes her sound as "doom soul" but even amidst all the dark, doomsday poetry there is no real gloom here, merely a deeply expressed sadness that, nevertheless, points back to the burning heart of its creator. Watch this one, she's actually altering the surface of music with her fiery missives.