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    Eddi Front

    Hometown: Brooklyn, New York Most Recent Release: Eddi Front EP Sounds Like: Diary pages swept by wind, found by an unsuspecting passerby.

    For a girl who seems to be slight, gauzy-voiced and delicate, Eddi Front has to reveal her strength upfront to prove this image wrong. She isn't a girl, 27-year-old Ivana Carrescia has been through the wringer, at least that's what one assumes after hearing the fragility in her dark, fatalistic ballads. With only a four song EP out through Best Fit Recordings last year, Front still managed to garner a buzz of attention from the musical community. From "Gigantic" which surreptitiously addresses the painful topic of divorce, to the minor piano riff repetition and staked out brass section in "Superhero Style" Front quickly reveals that she is no newcomer to jazz, noirish ballads and self-effacing jabs at ex-lovers. From the sounds of her sweeping, serious yet playful first EP, Eddi is just getting started.