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    Jessica Lea Mayfield

    Hometown: Kent, Ohio Most Recent Release: Tell Me Sounds Like: A ghostly guitar solo in an empty room.

    Pressing 100 copies of her debut record White Lies and releasing it under the artist name Chittlin' were Jessica Lea Mayfield's first moves as a musician. So she was probably just as shocked as anyone else when Dan Auerbach got his hands on a copy. It's easy to see why The Black Keys frontman was intrigued by her initial offering—it feels original and fully-formed even as a first effort—addressing lined topics like lovesickness by adding new creases to the well-worn conversations on rejection, denial and loneliness. Mayfield adds more of a country feel to folk–which has been skewing a bit more indie rock of late—dragging her voice through the words like a broom upsetting a dust pile. Her last album, Tell Me, came in 2010, so she's long overdue to release a brand new record and hopefully it will be this year. For now, check out the Brian Jonestown Massacre cover of "(David Bowie I Love You) Since I Was Six" that she did with Auerbach for the movie Apart.