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    Jessica Pratt

    Hometown: San Francisco, California Most Recent Release: Jessica Pratt Sounds Like: A blanket hand-knit in your favorite colors.

    Jessica Pratt appeared on the edge of last year like a long-awaited sunset. Her debut, self-titled record felt like an undiscovered gem from the '60s, but somehow it managed to escape the despairing edge of nostalgia and trickle into new territory. It feels like authentic folk, done in the old style, but without the sad attempt to actually live in the past still. Pratt's record was released on the brand new label Birth Records, which is run by White Fence's Tim Presley. Presley has been famously claiming all over the internet that the only reason he started the label at all was to put out this record—and after one listen it is easy to see why. There's still very little information about Pratt circulating the internet, and even less is known about her life prior to this first record, but 2013 will assuredly contain new music from the singer.