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    Laura Gibson

    Hometown: Coquille, Oregon Most Recent Release: La Grande Sounds Like: A barbed wire fence around a rose garden.

    With campfires and covered wagons rolled into the rolling beats and ragtime piano licks, Laura Gibson effectively transports us back to the frontier on her third full-length record, 2012's La Grande. The now Portland-based singer is a native Oregonian, raised in an little-known corner of the state, and named this album after an inconspicuous town in the beautiful Northwest state. If nothing else, the feel of Oregon runs through this record like a thread, the expansive openness dotted with tiny guitar licks and almost abrasive percussion. The soundscape of the record mimics the landscape of Oregon with compelling accuracy—a feat that reflects Gibsons' dedication to the music and her ability to act as a conduit for her surroundings. Look for more releases from this young folk artist, possibly even as early as this year.