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    Laura Stevenson

    Hometown: Long Island, New York Most Recent Release: Sit Resist Sounds Like: The last night before you leave your hometown forever.

    Laura Stevenson has music in her blood—the singer is descendant from Harry Simeone, the man behind both "The Little Drummer Boy" and "Do You Hear What I Hear?" But as is the case with most young talents related to seminal writers, Stevenson is seeking to carve out her own space in the musical landscape, eschewing anything seasonal. After working with the group Bomb The Music Industry!, Laura eventually put together her own band—Laura and the Cans—who released A Record in 2010 and then signed to New Jersey-based label Don Giovanni Records. In 2011 their debut for Giovanni was released, Sit Resist, and in January it was announced that the followup Wheel will come out on April 23 of this year. Laura marries the traditional aspects of folk music with modernity in a way that recalls the likes of Bon Iver and Sharon Van Etten. Keep an eye out for her new album, it feels auspicious.