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    Lia Ices

    Hometown: Westport, Connecticut Most Recent Release: Grown Unknown Sounds Like: A garden singing to the sun.

    Lia Ices has the face and the voice of an angel, but that isn't the only reason her debut album Necima caught the attention of Jagjaguwar and Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon. Jag put out her sophomore effort Grown Unknown in 2010 and the album even features Vernon's crowning croon on the track "Daphne." Listening to her second full-length, is akin to walking through the enclosed walls of Mary Lennox's private sanctuary in The Secret Garden. The Connecticut-bred singer born Lia Kessel manages to capture the fairy-like ethereal sounds of folk greats like Joanna Newsom but imbues them with a smoothed-out, glossy finish that doesn't feel shellacked, merely shiny. Look for new material from Lia soon, odds are this year will catapult her into the spotlight.