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    37. Broken Social Scene

    Years active: 1999 - 2011 (currently on hiatus)
    Influenced: Orchestral and baroque influences in indie rock
    Hometown: Toronto, Canada
    Jam: "World Sick." Rotating casts of positive and negative reactions to the world we live in -- a study in the love and hate of mankind.

    More of a musical collective than a band, Broken Social Scene helped perpetuate the idea of baroque or chamber rock by combining orchestral influences with more traditional, and chaotic noise-based music. The resulting swells of the band's size, and from the member's various musical projects, made them an integral part of the indie rock scene of early 2000s. Drawing on different lead vocalists, sampling techniques, and traditional strings and horns the compelling variety of their sound cemented them as another important band to emerge from Tornoto's bubbling music scene. Featuring cameos from Feist, Emily Haines of Metric and members of Stars, the group feels fleshed out in ways that other bands simply can't—the fluctuation of contributors is part of what contributes to the group's uniqueness.