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    27. Built To Spill

    Years active: 1992 - present
    Influenced: Guitar heroes
    Hometown: Boise, Idaho
    Jam: "Goin' Against Your Mind." A rollercoaster through guitar solos and falsettos that fuzzes on for over eight minutes, just as it should.

    The introspective, fractured pop rock of Built to Spill marries the effortless jam-outs of Pavement with the deeper earnestness of folk music. Forming through the music scene of Boise, Idaho, the group was mostly centered around Doug Martsch, who intended to have the rest of the lineup continually change. Martsch incorporated punk elements into his songs, focusing on winding, elaborate guitar solos that evoked the old rock guitarist "hero" notion. Signing to a major label in 1995 after only two albums, the group managed to maintain a lot of creative control over the records even under Warner Bros—a rare feat. This speaks to the effusive creativity that pervades even their major label albums, including their most critically acclaimed Perfect From Now On.