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    42. Grizzly Bear

    Years active: 2002 - present
    Influenced: Harmonies and folk elements in indie rock
    Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
    Jam: "Two Weeks." A song whose "oh oh ohs" and piano refrain wove itself not just into the fabric of indie rock but throughout the entire year of 2009.

    Another group that helped bring elements of folk back into the more widely recognized indie rock scene. Especially known for their harmonies, Grizzly Bear brought a tenderness and intuitiveness to their music, a familiarity that made the albums easily accessible. Atmospheric in nature and introverted in tone, Grizzly Bear's music featured a new, relatable kind of emo not rooted in punk elements or counter-culture per se, but more in the already established forms of the genre's new focus on pastoral reverence and relational disharmony. This band changed the game for indie rock as another group that broke out of the electric guitar mold while still achieving a relative level of success.