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    By Caitlin White

    Indie rock has transmogrified into one of the hardest genres on earth to define. Bands trying to break through love to title themselves as "indie rock" as though it were a specific sound, while critics love to point back to scions of the underground scene in an attempt to pinpoint when the genre began. Questions of mainstream success and major label affiliation also enter the ring—are there really sell-out points and did bands that cavorted with the majors disqualify themselves from indie status forever?

    These debates and many others, (such as my current favorite, what is the line between indie rock and folk, but that's for another piece) are fringing themselves into tinier and more complex questions, even as you are reading this. Here at P&P we may not hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of the indie universe, but we have selected what our 50 most influential bands on the indie rock scene and sound are. In the case of these selections, bands were regarded for their contribution to their present time, as well as the way their sound infiltrated future generations. Bands were not disqualified for signing with the majors (Hello—Sonic Youth even did it guys), but certain levels of mainstream success (read: The Beatles) were taken into consideration.

    Is 2013 the year we go post-indie? Is 2013 the year we stop using the prefix post plus an old genre name to describe new things? Only time will tell. For now, read through our picks and get really disgruntled or really happy, then tell us your thoughts—because we know you'll have them—on Twitter.