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    3. Joy Division

    Years active: 1976 - 1980 Influenced: Interpol and other post-punk bands; dark, sad rock Hometown: Salford, England Jam: "Love Will Tear Us Apart." The strongest ties also hurt the most when broken, but we will love the synths in this song forever without fail.

    If you haven't sat in your room alone with "Love Will Tear Us Apart" on repeat and cried over your latest crush, math test grade etc., then you sorry but you've never really been indie. Joy Division helped pioneer the post-punk movement by abandoning punk "sounds" while maintaining the energy and rawness of the genre. Inspired by the Sex Pistols, the band's momentum grew in England due to exposure in NME and a supporting gig for the Buzzcocks. The post-humous release of Curtis' haunting single "Love Will Tear Us Apart" along with the tragedy of their late frontman's struggle with epilepsy and eventual suicide on the eve of their first American concert, is undoubtedly a big part of what catapulted Joy Division to their sacred place within the musical canon—but is certainly not the whole story. The slow deadliness of the band's sound helped usher in a whole new era of rock and Curtis' intense, poetic lyrics warrant recognition. Joy Division's legacy was carried on by the surviving band members in the form of New Order, a band that almost earned a place on this list in their own right.