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    20. LCD Soundsystem

    Years active: 2001 - 2011 Influenced: Dance music elements in indie rock. Hometown: New York, New York. Jam: "All My Friends." Insistent piano spills into a slow build play-by-play about growing up.

    LCD Soundsystem manged to be a band that turned the tensions and discussions within the musical community back into songs, "Losing My Edge" of course caught the attention of critics and aficionados alike. Conspiring with dance music, pop and new wave influences, James Murphy brought all these elements together to create music that still felt like rock. Referencing very real-life, absurd situations with an uncanny clarity, he manages to poke fun at the music obsessed while outing himself as firmly among their ranks. Creating self-aware yet danceable tracks is a feat unto itself, pulled off flawlessly by the ever-malleable Murphy.