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    40. New Pornographers

    Years active: 1999 - present Influenced: Supergroup as a practice Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia Jam: "Challengers." The perfect soundtrack to a night so full of bravery it feels like the sun won't expose the truth.

    A super group of sorts, the New Pornographers rotating cast of members featured even Neko Case at one point—before her solo career took off. Members of Immaculate Machine, Destroyer, and The Evaporators all united to make a set of albums that were widely regarded as some of the best in the indie rock genre. As a Vancouver-based band, it was also telling that the group became so popular in America. Their peppy, power-pop sound was bolstered by tight harmonies, batches of organ music and ringing guitars. As one of the fledgling bands in the category of supergroup, the New Pornographers paved the way for musicians of a certain caliber to pool their talents after other groups had run their course.