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    31. Pulp

    Years active: 1978 - 2002, 2011 - present Influenced: British rock, 90s rock. Hometown: Sheffield, England Jam: "After You." Don't let the polite title fool you, this song rocks far outside the laws of decorum.

    Jarvis Cocker and Peter Dalton founded their band as teenagers, taking the name from the Michael Caine film of the same name. The band stayed in obscurity for years, releasing albums for years without much interest from anyone. Until the rise of "Britpop" in the early nineties with groups like Oasis, Suede and Blur, along with these groups Pulp too suddenly became popular… maybe the short one word name was a winning technique as well? Either way, after years of making music the group finally had caught on, and continued to make excellent dancey, new wave rock with dark disco undertones until they went on hiatus in 2002 so Cocker could pursue a solo career.