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    11. Radiohead

    Years active: 1985 - present Influenced: Ambient noise and electronic sounds in indie rock Hometown: Abingdon, England Jam: "Creep." Self-deprecating yet endearing, this song almost manages to be a love song even after all the sadness.

    It's almost pointless to write about Radiohead, because I'm pretty sure that people outside the indie world think that indie and Radiohead are synonymous. Let's dive into the dark, murky electronic waters of the rockers anyway though -- citing OK Computer as their breakout moment, but not failing to mention that their last two records In Rainbows and King of Limbs show no signs of decline. Also in the most bad ass move ever Thom Yorke and his boys released 2007's masterpiece album In Rainbows through a pay-what-you-will model with no PR fanfare. Smug indie people the world over rejoiced at their band's avant-garde system-skipping efforts—and then took the album for free. Oh well, after the odd success of "Creep," a song that turns self-loathing into self-identity, most of us probably borrowed Pablo Honey from our cooler, cutting edge friend or older brother. Also the ease with which their songs shift from scientific-seeming noise rock to lullabye-like indie gems is a testament to their adroit musicianship and artistic vision.