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    22. Sleater-Kinney

    Years active: 1994 - 2006
    Influenced: Girl rock as a viable band, not just a Riot Grrrl movement
    Hometown: Olympia, Washington
    Jam: "Modern Girl." Folk, rock, carefree lyrics and girl power.

    Crediting Bikini Kill for much of their inspiration, the girl power trio of Sleater-Kinney brought feministing back into the forefront of indie rock with Carrie Brownstein's thunderous guitars and Corin Tucker's impossible-to-ignore vocals. A former couple, the two recorded most of their debut album in one night and won acclaim with their first self-titled release and subsequent follow-ups. Inspired by a lot of the grunge and punk music being made in the Northwest during the '90s, it wasn't until 2005's The Woods that the group wound back toward classic rock, but kept their rebellious and gender-bending lyrics on deck. One of the only all female groups to receive critical acclaim and attention as a rock band, Sleater-Kinney set the tone for the outpouring of female musicians who sprang to fruition in the next decade.