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    49. Spoon

    Years active: 1993 - present
    Influenced: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Vampire Weekend
    Hometown: Austin, Texas
    Jam: "Nobody Gets Me But You." An-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink track about that one person who makes everything else disappear.

    Post-punk, pop, and brash, Spoon took the intense individuality of the Texan spirit and transmuted it into an eclectic rock that captured the attention of listeners from every region. Welding whiney vocals and repetitive, noisy guitar licks with a particular emphasis on drummer Jim Eno's sound, the group grew in notoriety when the film Stranger Than Fiction featured their track "The Way We Get By" and a number of television shows, including Veronica Mars and The O.C., opted to use their songs in episodes. Spoon utilized tried and true indie-pop motifs like hand claps alongside piano driven hooks and even occasional fuzzed out guitars that evoke the rebellion of a more political era, but the group has a distinct sound that encapsulates the direction that indie rock has taken in more recent years.