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    29. Superchunk

    Years active: 1989 - present
    Influenced: Dude, they FOUNDED Merge Records
    Hometown: Chapel Hill, North Carolina
    Jam: "Slack Motherfucker." Stick it to the man with some sweet '90s guitar solos.

    If nothing else, Superchunk earns their spot on this list for founding Merge Records, on which acts from The Mountain Goats to Neutral Milk Hotel to a little band called Arcade Fire have released albums. Still, the slack, shrew rockers from Chapel Hill have been releasing absolutely flawless meat-and-potatoes pop-punk since probably before you were born. They thought to work with Steve Albini way before Nirvana did, made songs with an emphatic, dry shrug that helped define a lot of the perceptions of "indie rock" when the term was still congealing, and brought well-deserved attention to the Chapel Hill, NC music scene.