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    14. T.Rex

    Years active: 1967 - 1977 Influenced: Glam Rock Hometown: London, England Jam: "Jeepster." Shouts to T.Rex for coining his own term for being in love, and also for having enough sexiness to make "girl I'm just a vampire for your love" actually sound sweet and not creepy.

    T.Rex has the best band name in the history of indie rock, so there's that. Naming his musical outfit after the greatest dinosaur to ever roam the earth, Marc Bolan and his assorted crew of musicians helped usher in the era of glam rock, even while incorporating folk elements into their sound. The group originated very much in the folk, pop-rock vein of the late 1960s, but as the hippy era phased into the glistening '70s, Bolan's songwriting morphed into surreal tales filled with allusions to ancient cultures and complex, baroque features. It was when the group dropped the lengthy title Tyranosaurus Rex and adopted T.Rex that things really started to gel for them. Is there anyone reading this that hasn't heard "Bang a Gong (Get it On)?" Point proven. Bolan took sexualized imagery, disco, folk, purist adherence to guitars and rock, and united them all under the moniker of T.Rex. Even now, critics are only recently wising up to the immense impact of Bolan's catchy, shifting sound.