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    38. The Flaming Lips

    Years active: 1983 - present
    Influenced: Carnival and absurd elements in rock
    Hometown: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    Jam: "Do You Realize??" The best song to ever employ a double question mark, and the best string of mundane facts about life that reveal it to be quite wonderful after all.

    When Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips penned "Do You Realize??" he probably didn't realize the song would become one of this generation's most beloved love songs. Lush rock, space rock and psychedelic overtones populate the band's extensive discography, and their concerts are well-known for elaborate, circus-like set ups. Coyne's absurdist song titles and lengthy album names have long puzzled onlookers who are put off by the band's all-hands-on-deck embrace of weirdness. But what else would a band from Oklahoma City be like? As one of the only bands from Oklahoma to ever hit the big time, the group has certainly left an irreplaceable stamp on the indie rock climate.