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    50. The Unicorns

    Years active: 2000 - 2004
    Influenced: Islands
    Hometown: Montreal, Quebec
    Jam: "I Was Born A Unicorn." An ode to the multi-faceted, drama-ridden history of the unicorn, one that is full of far more sorrow than we imagined.

    The outside-of-the-margins lyrical style of The Unicorns contributed to their quick rise to fame. A Montreal-based band, the duo of Nick Thorburn and Alden Ginger released quirky, fast-paced pop rock that landed them spots opening for the likes of Cat Power, The Walkmen and Hot Hot Heat to name a few. Their colorful, DIY dynamic preceded the major rise of such elements in the forthcoming decade. Combining flutes and noisemakers with some pretty standard post-rock elements, the group released two albums before disbanding in dramatic fashion in 2004 when Thorburn opted to publicly say he was done with the band and walk offstage at their show in Houston, Texas. Nevertheless, the band bridged a gap between harder rock and the charmingness of new indie that helped lead the genre in new directions.