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    17. The White Stripes

    Years active: 1997 - 2011 Influenced: Return to focus on classic guitar riffs in indie rock Hometown: Detroit, Michigan Jam: "Seven Nation Army." One of those guitar riffs that steps outside the realm of music and walks right into memory with nothing holding it back.

    Jack and Meg White turned the indie rock world on its head with the beginning riff of "Seven Nation Army" alone. Part of what many deem the "garage rock revival," with The White Stripes, the couple created some of the most evocative, stressful and playful rock 'n' roll of the era. Although they initially claimed they were brother and sister in an attempt to direct attention away from their relationship, it eventually came out that the two were married, and soon before they hit it big—divorced. Jack White's incorporation of rootsy blues into his guitarmanship redirected the musical leanings of the time—he effectively changed the source material for his fellow nouvea rockers. The White Stripes won Grammys and loads of critical acclaim, but their die-hard position always seemed to be that of fringe, indie-rockers—doing it for the love.