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    24. Ween

    Years active: 1986 - present
    Influenced: Sarcasm as a milieu, facetious rock
    Hometown: New Hope, Pennsylvania
    Jam: "Bananas and Blow." Tongue-in-cheek wandering through island influences and uh, bad habits.

    Ween married elements of aburdism and humor with a more serious musical aesthetic that actually won them a substantial cult following. The group presented albums in nearly every genre, but could never do so with a straight face—they seemed determined to mock the practice of making music itself. Yet, this kind of brazen indifference just didn't matter to the large cult following of fans they assembled. After growing up in a culture that worshiped rock stars and placed musicians up on pedestals, seeing a group take the practice a little less seriously appealed to many. Plus, these guys do cover just about every genre with equal ease—and that alone takes talent.