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    34. Wilco

    Years active: 1994 - present
    Influenced: Folk rock and Dad rock
    Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
    Jam: "Jesus, Etc." A song that surprisingly isn't really about Christianity, but addresses in broad strokes the transience of life and the unshakeable power of love.

    Wilco is such a good band that they almost made country cool again—almost. Seriously, their incorporation of alternative country into rock and experimental music has not really been surpassed. Formed from the ashes of Uncle Tupelo, frontman Jeff Tweedy is most commonly associated with the band, as they've gone through countless lineup changes and made several collaborator albums. Most frequently, the group collaborates with folk musician Billy Bragg, who they've done three albums with. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot was the group's spotlight moment—ironically so since their label at the time, Reprise Records, dismissed the album as unsellable and wouldn't distribute it. 670,000 copies of the record later, those guys have to feel a little bit like noobs.