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    Justin Bieber

    Young Bieber makes it ever more easy for us to hate him as he changes from a baby-faced, floppy-haired object of mild, snobbish contempt into a pant-sagging, quiff sporting, wannabee thug who threatens to "fucking beat the fuck" out of photographers. We get it Biebz, you've hung out with Mayweather and Lil Wayne, but you're a pop star with legions of early teenage fans (those scarily rabid Beliebers are another reason we love to hate him), and you became famous because you could sing like a eunuch, so don't be giving it that hard man act okay? Compounding our misery at the fact that Bieber is this generation's premiere popstar, and slowly turning that sadness into malicious, acidic hatred, are his attempts to "freestyle," which range from passable to quite simply atrocious (please see below), and help make Justin one of the easiest popstars to hate on.