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    Ugh Ke$ha. Ke$ha is like that one friend you have who still shops at Express and drinks Smirnoff Ices. She's easy to hate because she simply just does not know any better. She wears an obscene amount of glitter, has a dangerous relationship with animal print and thinks the best way to wake up in the morning is feeling like P Diddy (shoutout to those that wanna wake up feeling like Gunplay, amiright?!). You just get this overwhelming feeling that she's constantly trying to prove how cool and badass she is and it's like Ke$ha, you have a dollar sign in the middle of your name. Calm down. Then you almost start to feel bad for her, until you remember she has lyrics like "And the sun is coming up/ and oh my God I think I'm still drunk/ Where's my coat?/ Where?" and you're like "Ugh, Ke$ha, no more Smirnoff Ice for you" all over again.