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    James Blake - "Retrograde (Alice Russell Cover)"

    I feel good about "Retrograde." Really good. Obsessed? Ha, that doesn't even begin to explain why I've listened to this song on that holy infinite repeat button on my iTunes as many times as I have. Covering James Blake is no easy task, solely for the reason that the kid's got incredible range. Vocal acrobatics, vocal flexin' - whatever you want to call it, James Blake does it, and he does it ever so humbly and quietly. I had once jokingly (or not so jokingly - whatever) vowed to ban any "Retrograde" covers and remixes, as in my eyes, it's unfuckwithable.

    Of course, Alice Russell goes ahead and covers the damn thing, and proves me wrong in the process, so now my foot's in my mouth. Her cover is completely different, but there are still moments of Blake's genius shining through. Russell's rendition is powerful, morphing the original into an all new beast that resonates with you as strongly as Blake's. So, props to Alice Russell, for managing to spin "Retrograde," and allowing me to see the song in a new light. - Joyce