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    Who is Zemmy?

    Zemmy is a London-based singer/songwriter who is influenced by Sade, Lauryn Hill, Beyoncé, Lykke Li, and Florence Welch. "I'm from Nigeria but came to boarding school here in the U.K. when I was ten," Zemmy tells us. "It was all girls, for eight long years. I started out writing melodic instrumentals on the piano in my pre-teens and moved on to fully formed, but terrible, songs from my early teens. It wasn't until my final year of my undergraduate degree that I wrote something I liked enough to think I could really give the whole singer/songwriter thing a proper go."

    Her short term plans involve shooting a new video for her latest track, releasing an EP, and working on the live show. Eventually she'd like to have an album done and start touring the country.

    Will the possible Kanye co-sign help her out? It's hard to say. Kanye's always been careful with his co-signs, but when he supports something, that something usually ends up taking off eventually (key words: "usually" and "eventually"). But in this situation, we're not even sure if it is Kanye himself, or how public this re-post was meant to be. Whatever the case, it's enough to have us interested. Unlike 'Ye's alleged account, Zemmy's SoundCloud is full of songs and re-posts. Check out a few tracks below, and hear more here.

    Here's "Brittle Pieces," the song that Kanye re-posted:

    Here are a couple more: