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    10. "Where Is My Mind?"

    Album: Surfer Rosa Year: 1988

    "Where Is My Mind?" introduced a whole new audience to the Pixies thanks to the famous last scene of Fight Club, which featured the song and drove it to a popularity that it never reached prior to the 1999 movie. Whatever it was about the song, Black Francis never quite figured it out. He talked about it in an interview: "I get probably one request every couple of months for that song to be used in some way. I can't explain it to you; I just think the song is likeable. Even though Kim barely sings on it, there's something about her singing that little haunting two note riff. The same thing with Joey, he's got a little two note thing going on too. It's so simple, and then there's me in the middle singing the wacky cute little lyrics. So it's kind of a quintessential Pixie song. It sort of displays everyone's personalities are very strong. The song has something very likeable about it and I'm not sure what it is."