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    13. "Is She Weird"

    Album: Bossanova Year: 1990

    Bossanova was markedly less weird than the Pixies' earlier material. Thank God for "Is She Weird." Unlike the previous albums, Bossanova was thrown together quickly, and instead of rehearsals and practices, the band recorded many of the songs without much planning. Black Francis explained in  Fool the World: The Oral History of a Band Called Pixies, "So I was writing [lyrics] on napkins five minutes before I sang. Sometimes it's good, sometimes not. That's just the nature of that songwriting."

    "Is She Weird" feels like little pieces of a story that is too dark to fully tell. Is it about a prostitute? A goth girl? A goth prostitute? Whatever it's about, and however quickly it was thrown together, it's one of the oddest, sharpest tracks on Bossanova.