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    3. "Hey"

    Album: Doolittle Year: 1989

    The smoothest, sassiest, and funkiest Pixies track in existence. "Hey" is the kind of song you love in the first six seconds—Deal's bass crawls up your spine and the guitar cracks an egg over your head and oozes down to meet it, all before Francis really gets going. It's a departure from the rest of Doolittle—a bluesy rumination on sex and the emptiness it can bring. There are whores in Francis' head, at his door, and in his bed, and he greets them with a grating dissonance that makes the song ache with a soulful funk rarely found in the Pixies' discography. Even better, then, that he refuses take it too seriously, punctuating the second verse with the immortal thrusting "UH!" Deal may be the unsung hero of the track, wailing away and echoing Black in the chorus.