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    4. "Monkey Gone To Heaven"

    Album: Doolittle
    Year: 1989

    One of the reasons Pixies are so adored is because they never took the obvious route. They were weird, and they were proud of it, and we love them for it. Their 1989 album Doolittle was packed full of possible singles. Their choice for the lead single: "Monkey Gone To Heaven," a song about man, Earth, the environment, and religion that includes screaming, spoken verses, and guest cellists and violinists.

    Producer Gil Norton explained, "Since we had under three weeks to record, most of Doolittle was a song a day, and we managed to keep to that except for 'Monkey Gone To Heaven'. It was a case of 'Oh, it would be great just to try putting some strings on that,' and because we didn't have enough time in Boston, we had to wait until we got to the Carriage House in Connecticut." They made the exception for this one and as soon as they heard it, they knew they had something special on their hands. They were right—the song put Pixies on the American charts for the first time ever.