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    6. "Here Comes Your Man"

    Album: Doolittle Year: 1989

    The second single from Doolittle, "Here Comes Your Man" is one of the most popular Pixies songs, peaking at the No. 3 spot on the Billboard rock chart. But the song, although a breakthrough of sorts for the band, wasn't a stab at commercial success. In fact, it was a song that Black Francis had written as a teenager, and the band wasn't sure about releasing it at all. They included it in an early demo, but chose not to put it on Come On Pilgrim or Surfer Rosa. They also avoided pushing the song too hard, playing it at concerts, and performing it for television spots. While this was probably a good move to keep purists happy and keep their authenticity in tact, there's a reason why it's such an acccessible song—it's a great, catchy, well-written song, and serves as a welcoming entry point for Pixies newcomers who might not be ready for the assaultive "Tame." Are you the Nirvana fan that hates "Smells Like Teen Spirit"? Then you're probably the Pixies fan who hates "Here Comes Your Man." You snob.