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    7. "Manta Ray"

    Album: "Monkey Gone to Heaven" U.K. B-side
    Year: 1989

    According to Black Francis, his mother had a UFO sighting when he was just three months old (month number three). He doesn't remember it, but it explains the wild imagery in "Manta Ray." From the Alternative Press: "That's my code word for UFO. It's about a UFO incident in 1965. I have it described to me in great detail by people who were there. My mother was there. This was in Nebraska. My cousin has a couple of UFO experiences, too. I've only had one and I don't even remember it; it's sort of undramatic. There were legit people who don't even follow that stuff. It's like, 'What, mom? Say that again? There was a flying saucer floating above the house for half an hour and everyone just stood there and watched it?' 'Yeah, I don't know. There was just kind of a floating saucer.' A big red fucking saucer, a glowing, fucking, flying saucer. My mother's weird, but she's not that weird."