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    Sam Amidon - "As I Roved Out"

    Hometown: Brattleboro, Vermont Album: Bright Sunny South

    Sam Amidon's initial foray into music was back in 2001 and it involved fiddles. Born to parents who are involved in the folk music community in a variety of ways, Amidon was drawn into folk's fold as his birthright—his marriage to freak-folk songstress Beth Orton only cemented his place in the genre further. Despite his blood and marital ties to the music though, it's apparent that Sam has a knack and a love for the genre that's all his own—illustrated adroitly in his bluesy, gravel-ridden "As I Roved Out." More reminiscent of Dylan's take on Guthrie than anything else, Amidon cherry-picks the historical heritage of the genre without ever pilfering anyone else's style, he's adept at putting his own spin on traditional mindsets, a key skill required for anyone attempting the traditional song structures he takes on.