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    By Caitlin White

    Meg Myers is emotional. At twenty-six, this is the one thing she knows for sure. The latest in a wave of transitions and tragedies in Meg’s life is an ink-just-dried deal with Atlantic Records—a development that allowed her to quit waitressing after nearly a decade and focus on creating art. It’s a highly specific, vivid breed of art, of music, that Meg is making. It’s palatable in its very abrasiveness, a violent, honest outpouring of sounds that isn’t shiny, shellacked or shunted.

    Myers confronts life without a flinch, preferring a head-on collision to stasis. While she works on her first full-length record, the follow-up to last year’s Daughter in the Choir EP, she took some time to talk to P&P about the writing and recording process and how music helps her cope with life’s hairpin turns and hedged bets.

    Just watched the new song “Cold” right before we got on the phone, want to talk a little bit about the impetus behind that track? I think the final version of the song will have some strings, this is stripped down, we want to keep putting stuff out. When we do the actual recording, I think we’ll definitely have more. Andy (Doctor Rosen Rosen, her producer) and I wrote that song in the studio a couple weeks ago. The song is about—which a lot of my new songs are about—relationships and being unable to break with someone. Being unable to completely become vulnerable because of past breakups or because of other issues. Being unable to completely give in, that’s always the end for me. I can’t really have a personal life because I’m so busy working on music and that is my life. So it’s hard, but music, that’s where I open up. I want to open up to somebody, but it’s hard.

    How is recording the album going in general? We’ve been going all week every week. Probably in February is when we really started getting it going. I signed in December/January and then we had to find a studio and stuff. It’s just me and Andy and we’re co-writing all the stuff.

    "The whole point of songwriting for me is to express what I’m going through or feeling, and it’s hard to do that with one person, let alone other people."

    Who is normally in the studio with you? What's the set-up like? Writing is so private to me, and it’s not something where I can bring another writer in. I’m sure I’ll be collaborating with other people in the future but right now I’m just getting going. I can only work with him really. Because the whole point of songwriting for me is to express what I’m going through or feeling, and it’s hard to do that with one person, let alone other people. But we will bring in Ken our cello player and Sam the drummer just to add to it. The old EP was a lot more electronic and for the new stuff we want it to have more of an organic feeling mixed with the electronic, and maybe some orchestra later.

    Do you think Andy is the only producer you'll ever work with? Do you think you'd work with someone else? I’ve been working with him since the beginning, he’s the only producer I’ve ever worked with. Right now, and for the first and second album I’d say I just want to work with him. I would love to work with someone else because I have to know what its like at some point. At some point I would definitely like to branch out. But it’s one of those things where we’re just getting started. We’ve written a few new songs and I’m like ‘Oh my gosh! Cool we’re onto something.’ This is going really good, I wouldn’t want to try anything else because I’m so happy with this. I just want to do what feels good right now.