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    Buck 65

    Years active: 1993 - present Hometown: Mt. Uniacke, Nova Scotia

    Buck 65 (born Richard Tefry) is a restlessly creative rapper, producer, and DJ who has honed and perfected his alt hip-hop sound during a career of nearly 20 years, during the course of which he has released music with some of forward thinking rap music's most interesting names, including the Anticon collective and Sage Francis. As well as underground acclaim, Buck 65 has experienced some measure of mainstream success, with his older music being re-released by Warner in Canada, not to mention his hosting of the weekday Drive show on CBC Radio 2 since 2008.

    As his career has progressed, Tefry has incorporated more and more non hip-hop elements into his music, especially on 2005's Secret House Against The World, but whether he's rapping over classic boom bap beats or the hazy electronic soundscapes of Belgian producer Greetings from TuskanĀ (who he collaborated with as Bike For Three!), Buck 65 always brings razor sharp lyricism and a heavy helping of self-awareness to his music.