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    Young Thug

    Album: 1017 Thug Why you should listen: You want a rapper who can do more than just rap

    Jay-Z is capable of many things. He's had a long career and he's provided street records, rap anthems, and radio-friendly hits enough times to prove that he's not a one-trick pony. But when it comes down to it, Jay does what Jay does, and it's the production and the features that really dictate the nature of the song. On the contrary, Young Thug is all over the place. As capable of singing a melodic chorus as he is spitting spacey bars, Thugga is the type of rapper who you can hear three times on one song and think that you're hearing three different people. Some critics say that Magna Carta Holy Grail is bland and predictable. If that's what you want to avoid, you should check out Young Thug.