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    Built To Spill

    Location: Boise, Idaho Estimated Population: 205,671

    Boise is a lot bigger than most people realize, and it's now home to the increasingly diverse Treefort Festival, but even a fruitful and growing arts scene doesn't change the fact that most bands still aren't going to make it out there on tour. Built To Spill, for their part, function as godfathers to the fledgling scene. Since their 1993 debut, they've been the torch bearers for a fiery brand of guitar driven indie rock that defined the underground music scene in the Northwest for years. Without Doug Martsch's rubbery guitar lines and idiosyncratic melodies, Natalie Portman never would have had the Shins, Yuck would sound even more like Pavement, and you'd probably have never heard of fellow Boisean Trevor Powers' project Youth Lagoon.