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    Cop City Chill Pillars

    Location: West Palm Beach, FL Estimated Population: 101,043

    West Palm Beach, FL is home to over 100,000 people, but like all populous beach-bordering areas of Florida, geriatric snowbirds make up a large slice of that otherwise substantial number. As such, it comes as a bit of a surprise whenever you hear about bands emerging from that corner of the state. Even Surfer Blood, the area's most notable recent export, seems descendant of the same ideal that brings those northerners down in the winter–dark thoughts are lifted by buoyant riffs and chipper woodblock percussion. Cop City Chill Pillars, however, proves that there's at least a few weirdos that call the city home. The experimental punks run closer to Devo's highwire rhythmic play or the Residents commitment to bizarro punk theater than the beachy tunes that rule the day. Imagine all the old people they'd freak out in some random beach bar.