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    Daniel Bachman

    Location: Fredericksburg, Virginia Estimated Population: 25,691

    It's stands to reason that a man, even one only 22 years old, from America's self-proclaimed "most historic city" would make music steeped in hundreds of years of the region's recent music. Though Daniel Bachman's instrumentals have recent antecedents in the Jack Rose's Atlantic coast ragas, his brand of rootsy psychedelia blows back through Basho, Fahey, and Jones straight into the familiar ache of classic Appalachian folk music. But Bachman silences any critics that might bark about a lack of innovation by blending all of these disparate players into one distinct postmodern cocktail of bleary-eyed guitar virtuosity. History runs through the town's blood and Bachman's, but he's looking forward as often as he's looking back.